Facebook Monetization lost due to the Unoriginal Content [Solution]

Facebook Monetization lost due to the Unoriginal Content [Solution]

By Arbaaz Parvez

Facebook Monetization

Unoriginal Content Solution

So Everyone ! I need your attention here please. Majority of you may have faced the attack from Facebook today of "Your Page shared content that was unoriginal, or repurposed content from other sources with limited added value"

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I also lost my 3 main pages on this and I contacted the Facebook Chat for help. They couldn't help me as usual. So I said some very bad words there and also said that Facebook platform isn't safe for doing business. After the chat got disconnected. I got an official call from Facebook headquarters in which the representative cleared everything about " Limited Originality of Content " policy. This is not a new policy of Facebook.

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In the call the representative told me that Facebook was warning everyone on Facebook Monetization program since months about the Limited Originality of Content policy.

This policy means

Suppose you follow a page and you liked their videos. You simply copy their video ID and download online that video and upload the same video to your pages without editing or proper changes on the video. You did exactly photocopy of other content. So Facebook now prohibits that. Facebook says if you want to use another people content (I'm not talking about Copyrights here. For that you may need to contact the owner of video before posting) then after downloading their video. Do some changes i.e Flip out the video, change it's music, make some major changes on the video then upload on your pages. Simply downloading a video and just adding your own logo on it doesn't mean you own the content. So beware of that.

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So the representative said that we were warning everyone to stop Limited Originality of Content posts by updating our rules article big many people didn't reviewed it. Here's the link of that article:

Facebook wasn't taking any actions before on this. They were just warning you all but after some time. FB started to clean out the mess! They took actions and taken down many many pages due to this issue.

Now let it go. Let just say it was in our fate. How to resolve the issue now ? That is the question now.
As everytime I bring new solutions for you all guys for totally FREE ! Here's 2 working solutions for you all which that representative suggested me.

Method 1:

Expire all the videos that you believe you just downloaded from other pages and uploaded on your page. Clean your page. And do not delete the videos. Just expire them. If you delete them then your reach will die. If you expire them your reach stays only the post gets deleted. So expire all the other content. And submit an appeal from this form:

Facebook monetization team will review your page and find no Limited Originality of content posts and reinstate your monetization soon.

Method 2:

If there's so much content on your page and you can't delete them or your appeal may have rejected several times or you can't appeal. Just go to your bed. Forget you ever had a page. Wait for 90 days. After 90 days. Your automatically go green. Nothing to do. Do not pay anyone. Do not trust anyone else who ever asks money that he/she can solve your problem. If anybody asks money from you. Sorry to say that is a SCAMMER !

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