Facebook Page Zero Reach Problem Solved

Facebook Page Zero Reach Problem Solved

Auther : Arbaaz Parvez

Zero Reach Problem

This post is only for guys who are patient and capable to stick to my method. If you're not a patient guy and want to resolve your issue soon then this article is not for You.

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So I was posting earlier regarding Zero reach issue. That I'm working on my self made method to solve the Zero reach issue permanently on your pages. I know you guys were also trying different methods to solve it i.e Unpublishing the page, removing admins, changing page name, changing username and contacting with Facebook Support LIVE.
But I'm damn sure none of your reach would have resolved till now.

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I was working very hard to find a one & only way to resolve this reach issue and I'm so glad to tell you guys that after 2 months of working hard. I FAILED 10 times on my 10 different methods. Now My only left method was being tested on my 6 client's pages and the tests were successfully passed yesterday. You guys have seen that your reach resolved by talking to LIVE chat of FB but after sometime, you start your posting and you notice that your reach goes back to 0 (AGAIN RESTRICTIONS).

How will you know if your page has restrictions or not ?

Let met you a secret way to check whether your page have any restrictions or not.

Just go to the Facebook Page Merge form and type in your page name which you think having low reach or no reach. When you type your page name there and if it appears there. It means the page has no restrictions on the page. And if you can't see your page on that list, it means the page has 0 reach restrictions or any type of restrictions are hit on your page.
Here's the link of Page merge:

Now! What is the solution to solve 0 reach? How you can get rid of this PERMANENTLY?

Just follow my method and stick to it. And do not try your own strategy on my strategy. You need to STICK to my method !! If you fail to do so, your reach won't resolve and again gets hit by 0 reach!

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