Facebook Ad Breaks Policy Issue Limited Originality of Content

Facebook Ad Breaks Policy Issue

Facebook Ad Breaks Policy Issue

Limited Originality of Content

If you are using Facebook Ad Breaks and having a policy issue Limited Originality of Content in Creator Studio ( Monetization tab ).Today we are discussing this issue to solve the problem.

What are Facebook Ad Breaks

Ab breaks are short ads on Facebook Videos that appears after one minute of the video if the content creator has enabled Facebook Video Monetization.

What is policy issue ?

Facebook has a Partner Monetization Policy , if someone not following the policy Facebook will suspend the partnership.

What is limited Originality of Content

Facebook's mission to bring original content on the platform. Pages that using unoriginal content will get this policy issue Limited Originality of Content and thier monetization will be at risk if they uplaod unoriginal content again and again.

Facebook described unoriginal content policy

According to our official Page Policies (section 14), minimally original content is prohibited and this applies to monetisation as well.

Content creators and publishers can only monetise content that they created or were involved in the creation of, or that directly features the creator or publisher. Content that is unoriginal or reproduced without making meaningful enhancements (commentary, parody, creative editing etc.) cannot be monetised.

How to solve ?

If you got this policy issue very first time then it is a warning , you will not lose your monetization and it will be normal after 14 days. If you are using unoriginal material continuesly you may lose your eligibility to use Facebook Ad Breaks. If you lost access to Ad Breaks then submit an appeal via this form.

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